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                Jano Cohen





Jano Cohen teaches private lessons, classes and workshops in the Alexander Technique (AT) in the greater Philadelphia area.


Certified as a teacher by the Alexander Foundation (now called The Philadelphia School of the Alexander Technique) in 1990, she a teaching and founding member of Alexander Technique International.

She is also a member of Alexander Technique Teachers of Greater Philadelphia


She holds an M.F.A. in dance from Temple University and a B.A. in dance from Bennington College.


Jano has worked with students of all ages and occupations. She has lots of experience working with performers, athletes and people with various health issues including arthritis, injuries and accidents, surgeries, multiple sclerosis, fibro-myalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome, TMJ, and carpal tunnel syndrome as well as patients referred by therapists suffering from histories of trauma.


Her teaching reflects her previous 22 years of dance and choreography experience, 25 years practicing therapeutic massage, 10 years of playing the violin and piano.


Jano: I first came to the AT for help with back pain from dancing, but over the years I have had many injuries, surgery on each ankle, knee surgery and have been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis.  AT has helped me manage these challenges by changing the way I was moving that was interfering with my functioning and my skills as a performer.

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Teaching Experiences:

  • 1990-present      Private practice - Individual AT lessons and classes, now located in Narberth, PA
  • 2005-present      People's Light & Theatre, Malvern - AT individual lessons, classes and rehearsal support for actors and other theatre personnel
  • Various years      Hillside Farms, Sebastian Stable, Monastery Stable, Blue Bell - AT for horseback riders
  • 2009                     Thomas Jefferson Hospital Rehabilitation Dept., workshop, AT for PT's
  • 2009-2010          Temple University Dance Dept., workshops AT for dancers
  • 2009-2019          University of the Arts Voice Dept., workshops AT for singers
  • 1987-1988           Pennsylvania School for Massage, AT for Massage Practitioners in training
  • 1982-1987           Ariel Center for the Healing Arts, AT for Massage Practitioners in training


Jano also offers classes and private lessons in the short yang form of T'ai Chi Ch'uan and is a long-term student of Maggie Newman who is a senior student of Ch'eng Man Ch'ing.


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As an emerging PHOTOGRAPHER, Jano brings her insight about people and their well being and continues her interest in the performing arts.  To see her work visit