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What do I wear to a lesson?

Loose comfortable clothing is recommended, but if you are coming from work, you may come as you are.


How many lessons do I need to take to learn this technique?

One or two lessons are recommended to determine whether this technique would be beneficial to you.  A course of several lessons or classes (six or more) is recommended to get a basic understanding of what is involved.  Some people are satisfied with this amount and can use the principles on their own in a basic way. Other people study for several months or years.  The length of your study would depend on your learning style, your physical capacities, your needs and your interest.


How often do I have lessons?

Taking one lesson or class per week is recommended.  However, people who are in chronic pain may benefit from attending twice a week.


How much does it cost?

Jano's standard private lesson rate is $80 per hour, $40 per 1/2 hour.  Reduced rates are available upon request.

Two students may share a private lesson, each paying $40 per hour.


Is it safe to exercise after a lesson?

Since you will have just experienced something new with your body which needs to be integrated into your awareness, your body will be a bit vulnerable for a while.  Jano recommends that you do not perform any strenuous exercise, especially lifting anything heavy, or moving too fast to pay attention to yourself for a few hours immediately following a lesson.


Will my pain go away?

Some pain is caused by habits of misuse or injuries that can heal.  That pain may be relieved with learning to move differently.  That will depend on your self-awareness, your learning style, your age, personal history and other factors.  Some pain is caused by unrelated medical conditions that cannot be addressed by this technique.


What should I bring to a lesson?

You may bring any tools, instruments or exercise equipment that you would like help with using.