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           The Alexander Technique

                                  in THE OFFICE


Things to avoid when you work at a professional or home office:

  •       Slumping at the computer and drawing your nose towards the screen
  •       Holding the phone with your left shoulder as you write with your right hand
  •       Allowing stress to result in muscular tension when you communicate with others
  •       Sitting for long periods without a movement break
  •       Bringing your face down towards your cell phone as you text
  •       Tightening your fingers and hands as you type on the computer or phone
  •       Holding your breath to concentrate
  •       Bending at your waist to lift or place objects










An Alexander Technique teacher will teach you new strategies for performing your practical daily tasks without the problematic habits listed above.


If you release muscles in your neck and back and allow your head to move up in such a way that your spine lengthens and your back widens, you will find it easier to breathe and maintain a workable posture for long hours.


Releasing tension will make your presence more pleasant for everyone.  Your voice will be more free and you will improve your presentational skills.