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Benefits and Applications

            of The Alexander Technique:


                            THE PERFORMING ARTS

Dance - Theatre - Music (Instrumental & Voice)


All performers rely on an ability to stay fit (including strength, flexibility, and endurance), balance, breath control, vocal precision, comfort and fine tuning of their whole physical being to reach a high level of skill.  All of these attributes may be facilitated through the study of The Alexander Technique.  Performance anxiety can be overcome by changing where you put your attention and opening yourself to communicating with your audience.


Many performing arts departments in colleges and universities and theatre schools have included AT in their curriculum.

Well-known actors who have studied and endorsed the AT includes William Hurt, Paul Newman, Jeremy Irons, Joel Gray, Mary Steenbergen, Julie Andrews, Patrick Stewart, Kevin Kline, Joanne Woodward, John Cleese John Houseman, Robin Williams, James Earl Jones, Christopher Reeve, Ben Kingsley, Keanu Reeves, Hillary Swank, Matt Bomer, Paul Dano, Leonardo DiCaprio, Josh Brolin and Juliette Binoche.




While dancers have tremendous expertise in movement, they don't always know enough about their anatomy to notice when they are moving against their body's design.  They may misinterpret instructions to pull up by arching their spines or execute a movement with too much force that is inappropriate for the intended effect.  Performance anxiety may lead to tension in the neck and shoulders.  An audience can sense this tension.  The movement will be restricted and less appealing visually. Most importantly, injuries can result.  An Alexander Technique teacher will give the dancer the correct "map" (term coined by Barbara and Bill Conable) of the bones and important muscles of their body to use in understanding how to initiate movement with efficient effort and greater ease.  The hands-on work by the teacher will help the dancer release tension and restrictions.










For more information, read What Every Dancer Needs to Know About the Body, a Workbook of body Mapping and the Alexander Technique by Robin Gilmore

or listen to interviews on Bodylearningcast




AT is an invaluable tool for actors to enhance their movement skills, breath control, vocal production and range of physical/vocal and emotional choices.  They can learn to create powerful characterizations without straining or bringing their own personal habits of use into the affects of their character.  Centering and releasing tension and discovering a neutral place from which to explore character, content and action increases a sense of safety and creativity. Improving physical and spatial awareness facilitates relating to other actors, manipulating props well and making entrances and exits through a set.


Jano's Experience Giving Rehearsal Support for Actors



2005  The Member of the Wedding – Cast

2005  Jason and the Golden Fleece – MaryBeth Scallen

2005  The O’Conner Girls – Cast

2005  Midsummer Night’s Dream - Cast

2006  Fabulation – Cast

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2007  Twelfth Night – Cast

2007  Theophilus North – Cast

2007  Tuesdays with Morrie – David Ingrim

2008  Getting Near to Baby – Cast

2008  I Have Before Me a Remarkable Document Given to Me by a Young Lady from Rwanda – David Ingram

2008  The Persians – Melanye Finister

2009  Nathan the Wise – Cast

2009  The Day of the Picnic - Cast

2009  Doubt: A Parable – Melanye Finister

2010  Legacy of Light – Cast

2010  King Lear - Cast

2011  Dividing the Estate - Cast

2011  The Return of Don Quixote – Melanye Finister

2012  A Wrinkle in Time - Cast

2012  Seven Guitars – Melanye Finister

2012  Shakespeare’s Will – Cast

2013  Stargirl – Cast

2013  Noises Off – David Ingram

2014  Fences – Melanye Finister

2014  Dear Elizabeth - Cast

2015  The Cherry Orchard - Cast

2015  All My Sons – Melanye Finister

2016  Richard III - Cast/Pete Pryor

2017  Project Dawn - Cast

2018  Romeo and Juliet: A Requiem - Cast

2019  For Peter Pan on Her 70th Birthday - Cast



2017  Hope and Gravity - David Ingram



1990  Squirrels – Natalija Nogulich



1991  Homicide – Natalija Nogulich



2014  Don Juan Comes Back From Iraq – Melanye Finister



2010  Romeo and Juliet – Melanye Finister

2012  Clybourne Park – David Ingram



2007  Third – Melanye Finister



2011  Uncle Vanya – David Ingram



2012  Rounding Third – David Ingram



2012  Three Sisters – David Ingram

2012  Measure for Measure – David Ingram



2010  Run Mourner Run – Melanye Finister

2014  The Most Spectacular Lamentable Trial of Miz Martha Washington - Melanye Finister



2012  Some Other Kind of Person – David Ingram













Musicians are like athletes and have to perform the same movements over and over again.  They want to perform with the greatest skill and control and need to avoid performance anxiety.  Each instrument presents its own challenges physically.  An AT teacher can address each of these issues according to a student's instrument, problems and learning style.  How a musician sits, stands and holds their instrument effects their ability to move their arms, hands and finger joints freely and with the necessary strength and flexibility.  Often tension and mis-alignment patterns can lead to pain or even the loss of the ability to play.  A musician's career can be in jeopardy.