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                                          Testimonials for Jano

                                              and The Alexander Technique


To see some endorsements of The Alexander Technique by DOCTORS, please go to the website developed by Robert Rickover: Body Learning, The Alexander Technique.


The onset of osteoarthritis combined with several improperly administered physical therapy sessions led me to consult a pain specialist in Philadelphia who recommended minimal medication.  She also suggested I try the Alexander Technique with Jano Cohen.  The results of the first session were immediate and dramatic and I continued to benefit by taking lessons on a regular, on-going basis.  Jano's hands-on approach, her understanding of the human body, her patience, intelligence and skill as a teacher all combined to help me deal with my physical problems.  I have regained a more youthful appearance because I have learned to realign my spine.  I have learned to use fluid motions when going about my daily activities whether sitting at a computer or painting at an easel or even house-cleaning.                                    Valetta, Artist


I am a doctor who works with chronic pain patients.  I also suffer from my own chronic pain problem.  Jano has been an excellent teacher of the Alexander Technique, which I have integrated into my daily activities at both home and work.  As a result, I am in much less pain at the end of the workday and am able to participate in more activities during my free time.  I have referred several patients to Jano and I feel they have also benefited from her help.          RMS


I originally came to Jano for pain relief. I had no idea how far beyond just getting out of pain she would take me. Using the Alexander Technique cues from her hands on work, I know better body mechanics now to move throughout my day. Jano has helped me with my gait, computer work, seating, exercise, as well as injury relief! Becoming more mindful of my movement patterns has also translated to becoming more mindful in my thought patterns, allowing me some personal growth as well. LOVE WORKING WITH JANO!                                                                                         Samantha N.  


For almost 20 years now, Jano Cohen has helpd me through so many of the symptoms I have from MS: spasticity, balance issues, and muscle weaknesses, etc.  She shows me how to make the most efficient use of my muscles, and has certainly helped me to stay as functional as I am.  Jano did a presentation for my MS group and was able to help people on the spot.  She is always dependable and definitely goes above and beyond.  I highly recommend her.

                                                                                                                                 Rona G.


Within two weeks after my daughter started to see Jano regularly, I could tell that things had improved.  She moved with greater freedom and fluidity.  It really made a difference in her sense of herself and her body, and hence, her presentation to the world.

                                                                                                                               Mildred Kiefer Wurf


I've been studying with Jano in private lessons and small-group classes for nearly a year now, and I'm thrilled with her work and her table-side manner.  Her guidance in AT is remarkably perceptive--her eyes and hands are quick to pick up detailed information about tension, holding, and the negotiation of release, so much so that we're already unraveling some of my more complicated muscular/emotional issues, many of which have stymied me for years.  I feel our work together is essential toward helping me live a more easeful, integrated life.  And unlike other types of bodywork, AT encourages me to actively participate in remaking my body, not just be a passive recipient of the instructor's efforts.  Jano helps me learn how to help myself with great good humor, clarity and expertise.  I highly recommend her instruction.                Mary Beth Scallen, Professional Stage Actor


With the help of my AT teacher I learned to take charge of my health and be an active participant in the healing process.  However, I also learned to let go of tensions and harmful ways of moving by stepping aside and observing what was happening while I was using my body.  Slowly but surely harmful movement habits were being replaced by safe and efficient ones, thereby eliminating pain and freeing the body and mind.                                                     Angie


Jano is my ideal of a master teacher.  She knows her subject deeply; she puts it into practice with great skill and she's a great communicator.  I come away from her lessons with new discoveries about myself and a new sense of hope that I can live more joyfully and confidently in this world.                                                                       Nancy J. Shaw, when Director of Education,

                                                                                                                                 People's LIght & Theatre Company


Jano is aware of what my body is doing at all times and even thru thick clothing, she's amazing. She has a great understanding of how to teach the Alexander Technique.                                                                Cindy S.


Jano is extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful in her work as an AT teacher. I feel it has changed the way I approach my teaching and my everyday life in a totally uplifting way.                                           Susan C., Dance Teacher